It Is Time to Take a Look!



Life with two toddlers has gotten crazy.  Like, really crazy.  By the time both are in bed, I go to bed, too.  No personal time.  No time with the hubby.  No time to go out and have fun without kids.

I’ve had enough.  Time to start claiming my piece of the pie, again!  Time to re-examine my priorities, schedule, routine, and practices that help me be my best!

And this is where I’m starting… Time to take a look:

1) What are the things I wish I could do on a weekly basis? on a monthly basis?
2) What are the things I have to do?
3) What could I let go of?
4) Where could I ask for help?
5) What do I want to learn?
6) Who do I miss?
7) How can I find a little more peace?
8) What can I do to physically feel better?
9) How can I feed my spirit?

10) How can I change my environment to make life a little simpler?

If you do these questions, too, let me know your “ah-has!”  (I’ll post my answers, too, in a later post…)  Let’s find ways to encourage and support each other on the journey!

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