This Is How It’s Done, Fellas.

All week, I’ve been looking forward to today.  My husband had the day off and promised me a morning to sleep in.  That alone was worth gold.

But then!  I slept in today.  When I woke up, the kids were dressed and had had  breakfast.  My husband made me my bulletproof coffee and my breakfast.  When the kids started circling like sharks and whining and fighting…  I started to give in to them.  But then!  My husband swooped in, saying, “you get to eat your breakfast and drink your coffee uninterrupted today.”

He then took both kids to drop off the oldest at school.

…It’s a school day and I’m alone.  On a beautiful morning.  Coffee and breakfast in hand.


A great day to enjoy this time outside on the deck, with my dog.  We watched the birds on our bird feeder – gold and purple finches, indigo buntings, sparrows, red-wing blackbirds.  Watching the dance of who gets to perch on the feeder, and in the tree, when. As I was watching them, I heard a commotion down at the pond.  When I got up to look at the water, there was a mama Hooded Merganser duck with 8 babies swimming and diving.  Bunnies were pouncing under trees.  The river otter made an appearance for a moment.

The sun shone.  The breeze blew.  Bailey, the dog, snored away…  Ahhh…  This is the life.

When my husband came home, we chatted for a bit on the deck.  We put the littlest kid down for her nap.  I went for my daily walk and he finished painting our mailbox and cleaning out the garage.  After my walk, he went to pick up Sawyer from school and I got to take a nice, long, hot shower.  Pure loveliness.

Do I share this story to brag about my hubby?  Yeah, maybe a little.  He’s pretty great.

But also – I wish more spouses were like this.  I know I am lucky.  Very lucky.  He sees me. Like, really sees me.  He knows when I need a break.  He knows when I need to be pampered a little.  He knows when I feel out of control or overwhelmed,  He knows when I feel a little bit beaten up by my daily life.

And he does something about it.  He gives me space, time, and the ability to address some of my own needs and wants for a few hours.  As an introvert…  He knows I need time to recharge on a regular basis and he steps up to allow me that time.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without that.

Marriage, and relationships, are so important in our daily lives.  They connect us to others in a way that allows someone else to truly see us – and what is better than that?  But the next step, beyond the seeing, is appreciating who the other is and doing what we can to make each other’s journey a little less burdensome.  Help carry the load.  Help share the joy.  Make him or her smile.  Remind them how lucky they are to have you.

Be a blessing and be blessed.


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