Bless This Mess… You, Too?

Anyone else overwhelmed with life and feel like a straight up mess these days?  Yeah?  Me, too.  Welcome to the club!

 But…  I’m working on a new project – Me!  I’m tapping in to my old roots in wellness, and exploring how to bring back the six areas of wellness into my life.  And my family’s life.  One step at a time.

We recently completed the Whole 30 food experiment (eliminating grains, gluten, dairy, legumes, sugar, and most processed foods from our diet).  The whole family – a 3 year old and 18 month old included!  And we ALL feel better, have better temperaments, more energy, etc.  So, we’re continuing to eat extra healthy (probably switching to Paleo – I’ll talk about this in another post) – and now that the weather is getting nice, we will continue to increase our time outside and moving our bodies!

My goal is to bring all six areas of wellness back into our lives – everyday.


I have some ideas for where this is heading…  But more than anything, it will be a journey!  If you’re curious or interested in ways to help your family connect through wellness, by all means, join us!  The more the merrier (and yes, it’ll be a bit messy – but, blessed!)!

Hat from in the Jen Hatmaker collection.

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